Firefly Light Therapy

*In-person only
Not evaluated by FDA
Powerful Multi-Spectral Therapy for Pain, Pathogens, and Cognitive Decline
Firefly Light Therapy in waco texas

How is Firefly Light Therapy Different from Traditional LEDs or Lasers?

The Power

37,710 milliwatts of power to be exact–at or above any Class IV laser.

Permeation Depth

At our power level you can permeate the body up to 20 centimeters or 8 inches.

It’s Multi-Spectral

8 different wavelengths can be used in any combination.

It’s Programmable

Combine the Firefly Clinic Pro with our F-Scan to pinpoint pathogens & potentially eliminate them.


Firefly Light Therapy utilizes multiple wavelengths of blue (12 each), red (5 each), and near-Infrared (8 each). Firefly Light Therapy does not produce ionizing radiation.

Notice The Effects of Firefly Light Therapy After Just a Few Sessions

painful neuropathy pre 2 1


The cool colors indicate poor circulation.
painful neuropathy post 2 1


The warm colors show amazing improvement.
Auto accident pre.jpg 1


Large red area reveals car accident pain.
Auto accident post.jpg 1


Note the dramatic reduction in inflammation.

Consider Firefly Therapy If You Have:

Getting Started with Firefly Light Therapy