EVOX Therapy

*Can be done remotely
Evox is an emotional release therapy that records the energy of your voice and gives you a visual image of your perceptions.
EVOX therapy in Waco, Texas
Emotional Release Therapy (EVOX) uses your voice as an indicator of perception and uses it to aid in Perception Reframing. Perception shapes the way you think and creates your outlook on life. EVOX helps you release negative emotions that are affecting your health. Change your perception and change your life!

How EVOX therapy works?

Perception Index

EVOX records a 10-second slice of your voice and displays it on the computer as a Perception Index. This data is divided into 12 zones.

Energetic Field

EVOX sends that info to your body’s energetic field while you think about that topic, event, or person you spoke about.


Using that data, the EVOX scans information options and selects those your body seems to “like” best.

Shift & Repeat

This process is repeated several times and shifts are revealed in the Perception Index as perceptions are reframed.

Getting Started with EVOX Therapy