Air Filtration

Product: Model 101 (air filter)
Price: $1,995.00
Area it covers: 1600 sq. ft. (small rooms OR larger rooms but will take more time)
Material: Stainless Steel
Quality: Hospital Grade

Air Filtration img

Designed for the destruction of:

  • Viruses
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Odors
  • Pet dander
  • Formaldehyde
  • VOCs

Replacement kit for Air filter Includes:

  • 4 filters (replace every about 3 months)
  • 2 light bulbs
  • 3 reactor pads (replace every about 12 months)

According to proven statistics, there are more than 5,000 types of carcinogens hidden in enclosed environments, which the air-conditioning system we currently use is notable to break down. Compared with various treatment methods, photocatalyst is ideal, completely removing mites in the air, which causes 90% of asthmatic allergy cases. Today, many available products in the market claim to have capability of killing bacteria and breaking down organic gasses that cause damage to our health. However, HITECH products utilizing Titanium Dioxide, as a photocatalyst product of the world’s most advanced environmental technology, is the most effective solution in resolving health problems caused by human damaging chemical substances, allergens, harmful bacteria and viruses. We believe HI TECH has the very best installation based on two important and distinguishing points:

Two important and distinguishing characteristics:

  1. Proprietary Technosite® impregnated reactors with dual-tube UV-C lamps.
  2. The equipment cleans air better than UV light, hydroxyl generators, and bi-polar ionization.

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