The Waco Healing Room is a fantastic place to go for all of your wellness needs. Tammy will help you get to the root of your issues and teach you so many things that will help you heal holistically. I am so grateful for their services. They have been able to help my entire family with several different health concerns, like a concussion, vertigo, acne, gut issues, hormone issues, etc. I highly recommend them to help you get healthy and stay healthy!

Julie Shaw

Caye Hunter

If you truly want to get to the root of your health issues then you should check out the Waco
Healing Room. To know that the body works together (spirit, soul, body and mind) and is
designed to heal itself if you will give it what it needs is astounding. (Genesis 1:29, 3 John 2 ).
Check out the different types of therapy for yourself. They offer a wide range of services and are
knowledgeable and PRAYERFUL. So, if you are not afraid to make an investment for yourself,
check it out. If you feel worthy of being HEALTHY/WELL and want to BE FREE of POISON
And TOXICITY, check it out!”

Jo McGowen