Tammy Hughes​ Founder of Waco Healing Room

Tammy Hughes

CHHP, CLT, Certified EMF Specialist & Wellness Consultant

Founder of Waco Healing Room

Trained as an operating room nurse, I was well versed in modern medicine. At age 41, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and within 90 days, my life changed. Unable to work, dress myself, or stand for any length of time, I had little hope of ever living a normal life again. When my Rheumatologist demanded that I begin a regimen of chemotherapy, I wisely rejected that advice.
Throughout my journey, my Lord and Savior put wonderful people in my path who helped point me to alternative healing methods. Dr. Pat Smithson and Dr. Lee Cowden were incredibly instrumental in training me. Dr. Smithson taught me the power of praying for the sick. Dr. Cowden invested in me through a 3-year Integrative Medicine Fellowship. I thank them both for all they’ve taught me.
By the grace of God, through prayer, integrative medicine, and lifestyle changes, I have been able to return to normal function. My journey to healing took 2 years, but was well worth it. I give the glory to God for my healing and now have the privilege of teaching others the alternative paths I have learned on my journey that have made such an impact on my life and my family’s. In short, healing in the physical is about sufficient detox, nutrition, and exercise. In the mental, it’s about managing stress, forgiveness, and gratitude. In the spiritual it is about faith, hope and love. My role is to help you identify the paths best suited for your journey and give you the tools to carry them out.
May you be blessed with health and healing!
Tammy Hughes